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At present, the overall computing concept experiences the paradigm shift completely towards the cloud computing platform. When it comes to this internet-based computing model, it brings shared computer and data processing to the computers and also other systems on demand.


The cloud computing process also facilitates global access to the shared range of various computing resources. This process will enable the information is effortlessly transferred. By using the cloud computing process, both enterprises and users can easily process and store data in 3rd party data storage centers.

Most significantly, it is affordable because they need not invest more cash in the IT infrastructure. There are lots of organizations boasting of cloud, now demand expert people in the field. Cloud computing professionals have a better possibility to enjoy high salary packages and an array of options. These are the key features of this field that make it optional for IT experts.

Microsoft Azure is an effective cloud for almost every modern business. There are many resources and learning facilities available to improve your cloud knowledge. You can utilize the best one to get the professional certification also meet your future business requirements.

What Makes Azure Certification Important?

  • It is significant to know that the demand for Microsoft Azure certified professionals is increasing more and more

  • The Microsoft Azure certification is an important resource that will increase your possibility of getting selected in the profitable cloud computing field.

  • According to Microsoft reports, there are more than a thousand new consumers sign up daily to the Azure platform. Additionally, there are lakhs of companies implementing MS Azure in their business every year.

  • The commercial cloud income of Microsoft is increased by up to 104% through Azure

  • Roughly about fifty-seven percentages of wealth five hundred companies use MS Azure.

  • The most important fact about Microsoft Azure is that it has official accreditation from the government of UK.

Azure Certifications have the following Exams which are most popular

Key Features of Microsoft Azure

  • The technology of the upcoming days

Azure is one of the cloud technologies evolving at an extremely fast manner.

  • Give more importance to public cloud

Approximately eighty-eight percentages of the companies are previously using the public cloud. Thirteen percentages are previously running over a thousand virtual systems in a public cloud. The overall data is quite convincing and impressive.

  • Simple to learn and adopt

It is always helpful to know the working principle of this platform because it helps you to get numerous benefits. When it comes to Azure operational insights and automation, they are very simple to learn especially if you previously have better exposure to the tools of Microsoft at your work.

  • MS Azure equipped with lion’s share

The astounding rate of Azure is really high when compared with the competitors.

  • Huge potential

The infrastructure of a cloud is set for dominating the Information Technology space. The popularity of this cloud platform is increasing quickly than other kind of cloud platforms.

  • Most outstanding tool

The good thing about Microsoft Azure is that it is well-equipped for handling various traditional jobs of deployment, management and also design of the platforms. Here are a few questions to gauge Azure as follow:

  • Does it equip with PowerShell console integration?

  • Does it help the Ops side of the Ops/Dev?

  • Does it augment value to any big app development process in Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure Certifications

The certification of Microsoft Azure undergoes lots of essential improvements. When it comes to the latest certification paths, they are not only modular but also link with the core infrastructure knowledge in the windows server. The following options or levels of Microsoft Azure certifications will bring you better skills and also insight into Microsoft Azure. Apart from that, the useful certification details also prepare everyone for a good position in the cloud architecture and administration.

  1. MCSA: Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate – Cloud Platform

The MSCA certification is based on a cloud platform designed for Microsoft products stack. There are many topics available in both developer and infrastructure skills. If you want to get the MCSA certification, you need to clear two examinations. Though these examinations, you can show your skills as an expert cloud administrator. It also demonstrates your pathway for becoming the best cloud architect. The examinations are:

  • Designing & Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions

  • Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

  • Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

  • Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

  • Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

  • Designing & Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions

  1. MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) – Linux

Azure is a friendly platform for the open-source which is shown in MCSA – Linux. To acquire the Linux MCSA, you need to clear both a Linux and Microsoft certification. Here are two major examinations as follow:

  • Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator

  • Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

  1. MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure (Expert Level)

If you look for a perfect blend of cloud and infrastructure experience, you can opt for MCSE. If you desire to get the certification, it is important to pass any one of these following examinations. It includes:

  • MCSA: Cloud Platform

  • MCSA: Windows Server 2016

  • MCSA: Windows Server 2012

  • MCSA: Linux on Azure

After that, you need to clear one more examination of the following options. It is an excellent opportunity to pursue past the MSCA and also move into getting the MSCE.

  • Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

  • Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

  • Designing & Implementing a Server Infrastructure

  • Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions

  • Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

  • Designing & Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions

  • Securing Windows Server 2016

  • Monitoring & Operating a Private Cloud

  • Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure

  • Configuring & Deploying a Private Cloud

  1. MCSD: Azure Solutions Architect

It is a unique certification when compared with other kinds of MCSD certifications. As completely the Architect certification, it helps you to get numerous benefits. If you want to get the certification, you need to clear the following examinations including:

  • Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Study Resources

  • Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

  • Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Study Resources

Final words

Microsoft Azure is the biggest keystone to the potential of Enterprise Data Centers and Microsoft. Now, many companies move their business process to a cloud, so it is always beneficial to get Microsoft Azure certification.

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